Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Student Leadership Project (SLP) - Day Two

The Student Leadership Project (or SLP), the 8 year Lilly Endowment-funded partnership of Young Life and Fuller Seminary. 37 high school rising seniors from across the country, hand-picked, personally chosen and nominated for leadership gifts and calling.

Tuesday, Day Two
The way kids are coming together after just one full day has been among the most profound we’ve seen. This is a very sharp and committed group of student leaders. Today we had a quiet time on the life of Mary, took some fun pictures for the website, and went into teaching on how the invention and development of “adolescence” has done a number on today’s kids. Helping the student leaders to see that God has created, redeemed and called them to live as chosen representatives of his kingdom, to recognize, nurture and embrace the power that comes with that calling, and to live in authentic community is the journey they’ve been on for years. Identity, autonomy and belonging is the quest of every adolescent (and adult!), and it is the same journey of faith that Christ is leading them through.

This afternoon we are serving at an inner city LA multi-ethnic church and finishing up with dinner and a Young Life club.

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