Thursday, June 4, 2009

Guns, Man's Best Friend

On Jun 4, 2009, at 12:34 PM, ConservativeActionAlerts wrote to me:

"There are concerns all over the country that Barack Obama will destroy the Second Amendment. Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA), a public interest group with high principles is working to prevent this destruction. People are always asking what they can do to protect the United States from Gun Grabbers. The answer? Support the relentless work of CCRKBA! Below, please find an important update on the Second Amendment Fight.

Conservative Action Alerts"

I responded to them:

Thanks for this... it is great to know that we are safe to keep our guns away from the "gun grabbers" you mention. Yep, let's ensure that children can get ready access, estranged husbands can get instant weapons at gun "shows" (an appropriate title for the experience, right fellas?), criminals can get automatics, and that psychologically unstable people can always find a way to "protect their freedom" by blowing away their neighbors, colleagues, or local police.

Certainly, you all are correct, all those who could even imagine the possibility of even slight or minor reasonable limits on the immense proliferation of every type of weapon are out to "destroy the Second Amendment"! I love this logic, because it is based in neither fact nor reality. It is entirely based on raw, unfiltered, intellectually uncluttered bias, prejudice and tunnel vision.

Please count me in. I am with you. Next they'll want to take away the right to exclude people we don't like, or understand, or even look like from our lives, especially in places like schools and restaurants. Wouldn't America be great if we could only keep it pure for us?


FYI said...

i'm with you, chap. thanks for speaking back.

Jen Easton said...

And the children! Will someone please think of the children!

Loved it. Thanks Chap!