Friday, June 26, 2009

SLP daily blog Day Six

The Student Leadership Project (or SLP), the 8 year Lilly Endowment-funded partnership of Young Life and Fuller Seminary. 37 high school rising seniors from across the country, hand-picked, personally chosen and nominated for leadership gifts and calling.
Saturday, Day Six

Being in the mountains brings a whole new experience for our student leaders. Many have not spent much or any time in the mountains, and with towering pines and beautiful vistas all around us, spending time learning about and then practicing some of the ancient practices of the people of God (sometimes called “spiritual disciplines”), a fresh appreciation for God and his creation is beginning to emerge.

Our kids are now moving beyond superficial relationships into true friendships based on intimacy and trust. It is a beautiful thing to see, especially up here in the mountains where we have a special place just to ourselves. Guys and girls talking about their lives and stories and faith journeys. Students from different family backgrounds, ethnic groups, and socioeconomic communities are moving well beyond the stereotypes they have been taught to seeing each other as brothers and sisters before God.

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Vana said...

I've been praying for your time out there with SLP. It is so encouraging to know details and schedule to pray. Thank you for blogging about it and I look foward to our time in January at Crooked Creek Ranch with another amazing group of leaders at NST.