Monday, June 29, 2009

SLP daily blog Day Seven

The Student Leadership Project (or SLP), the 8 year Lilly Endowment-funded partnership of Young Life and Fuller Seminary. 37 high school rising seniors from across the country, hand-picked, personally chosen and nominated for leadership gifts and calling.

Sunday, Day Seven
On this beautiful Lord’s Day the SLP community offered a couple of hours to worship the God of wonder underneath the canopy of creation. Following personal devotional time and prayer triads, we gathered for corporate worship. We began with some singing and prayer then were led through a powerful lectio divina (lit. “divine reading”) by our gentle giant leader from Atlanta, the Young Life staff man known as simply G. After our spiritual exercise of listening to God through the scripture, six of our student leaders stood before us and gave us their impressions of the practice and how God had spoken to them through his word. We then sang, and were given a message by Angela Reeves from Chicago.

The afternoon was spent playing at the local lake, engaging in multiple levels of conversation and sharing, and heading back for dinner. At night Chap taught on friendship, dating and relationships from the content of the book each student received, Next Time I Fall in Love ( We followed the message by having the guys and young women in separate groups to debrief, and then headed to the woods for a campfire and s’mores.

Lots of issues coming into focus for the student leaders, and the messages from the past week were coming together as we sought authenticity, honesty and community.

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