Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Been dabbling in Isaiah

I've been taking some time in Isaiah, and so this fall I'll toss out a thought or two now and then.

Isaiah 1:2-3

The opening vision begins with the Lord referring to Israel as the children he "reared" and "brought up." When reading this book, it seems to me to vital to keep in mind the affective and intensely personal bottom line of God's concern for his people. No, not just his people, but his children.

When I consider my life, there is no person, no dream, no plan, no ambition that has power over my heart, mind and soul than my kids. I worry some about all of the above and more, yet, at least for me, rarely do any of these consume me. When I think about my children, I celebrate the most innocuous events and genuinely cherish the simplest things. I also know no greater fear or anxiety when my kids are in pain, or struggle, or fail. My experience tells me that I am not alone, that most parents feel that way.

When each of our three kids were born, within hours they grabbed my pinky. I have been a dad for 27 years tomorrow, and in my view nine months longer than that. Not a day has gone by when I am not profoundly aware that, although they may not feel it or even know it, they have never quite let go.