Monday, June 22, 2009

SLP daily blog

Day One, the Student Leadership Project (or SLP), the 8 year Lilly Endowment-funded partnership of Young Life and Fuller Seminary. 37 high school rising seniors from across the country, hand-picked, personally chosen and nominated for leadership gifts and calling.

Monday, Day One
Last night was great: after a harrowing day of missed flights and delayed luggage, we gathered to learn names, play together and sing. After an initial "cabin time" with their assigned in room leaders and a good night sleep, we hit the ground running with quiet times notebooks and class on the "Deep Model" of ministry and discipleship (developed by me and Kara Powell) and Craig Detweiler's prep for our Hollywood excursion. After lunch and the Hollywood tour, we headed to the Rose Bowl for games and pictures, and finish at a pool party and our first Young Life club.

Today walls are dropping and the student leaders are settling in and making connections. A great start of SLP 09.

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